Ta Ta For Now

Fun fact about me, I don't stick with hobbies very long. Maybe you saw this coming, maybe you didn't but ta ta for now. I loved blogging and it's been a fun six months but I don't love it anymore. I mean I do, but I don't love writing as much as I love reading... Continue Reading →

5 College Backpack Essentials

Packing my backpack is my favorite part of back to school. I love organizing it and making sure I have bright colored school supplies. The bright colors make me happy and excited to use them throughout the semester. I keep things like pens, pencils, notebooks, and Kleenex in my backpack, but I also keep some... Continue Reading →

Oh Livs: Life Update

Life has gotten crazy. Let's talk about it. The weather here has been lovely. I have always loved rain and snow, probably because it doesn't happen here often, and it has been raining a ton lately! I think this is the most it has rained during any monsoon season in my whole life. I am... Continue Reading →

How To: Make a Bad Day Better

Today was a bad day to say the least. I ran around town trying to find books for a class that starts today, I paid way too much money for that class just minutes before, and some woman at the bookstore yelled at me. Oh, and I still didn't find those books. Along with that... Continue Reading →

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