8123 Fest

A few weeks ago I went to a little shindig called 8123 fest. To say that I had the time of my life, would be an understatement. When I was 16 years old, I got to watch my favorite band for the first time. I didn’t know that it would also be the last. A Rocket to the Moon, was the starting point of me venturing in to my own taste in music. Since then, I have come to the liking of a new favorite band, The Maine. Now, you can imagine my excitement to go see my favorite band host their very own music festival. As I endured the six hour drive to Phoenix with one of my greatest friends, that friend, Kaitlin, mentioned a tweet that said A Rocket to the Moon would be a special guest at the festival the next day. I was already so excited for this festival, now, I was pumped!

Jared, lead guitar player for  The Maine

The next day, Kaitlin and I walked in to the festival just in time for us to discover a new band. The Technicolors’ set was phenomenal! Soon after came A Rocket to the Moon, The Summer Set, and finally The Maine. Each performance better than I could have ever imagined. We commemorated the experience by enscribing K,O in braille onto The Maine’s famous tagged up van. We got a little buzzed (ok, maybe not, those drinks were basically juice) and we screamed our little hearts out to every word of every song. The time went by like lightning. It was Sunday. We decided today to etch K,O into our bodies. Yes, we got matching braille tattoos. And no matter what others say, this tattoo is more than just bonding me with a friend for life. It is a memory of one of my favorite weekends thus far. Kaitlin and I bonded in high school over love for The Maine and we’ve been friends for over seven years. Getting to experience the first 8123 fest with her and sharing this permanent mark on our bodies is about much more than just friendship. It’s about a love for music, for adventure, and for happiness.


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