5 Trips I Want to Take in My Lifetime

A picture of me in AZ, a place not on my list because I go there all the time! Love it though!

It’s almost time for Spring Break and I have been patiently waiting (more like waiting desperately) to get away for a couple of days. This lead me to thinking about the trips I’d like to take during my life. With my friends, mom, or maybe my future husband (if that is what God has planned for me).Whoever I may be taking these trips with, or even if I am alone, here are the five trips I want to take during my lifetime.

VENICE, ITALY – I hope to one day go to Venice. This is my dream vacation. I want to go for a ride in a gondola and see the beautiful architecture. I want to see St. Mark’s and Burano, which technically is it’s own little archipelagic island, but whatever. Since I am Catholic there are also many other beautiful churches there that I could visit and potentially go to mass at. This beautiful city just really interests me.

IRELAND – I want to go to Ireland to see the scenery. The Cliff of Moher would be cool too! I’ve lived in the desert my whole life and from what I have seen many tourist destinations in Ireland are very green and I would love to see that. Plus, Irish accents are so cool and they have Guinness tours, which duh! Yes, please. I also saw Kostas Garcia (YouTuber) went there and bought engraved beer mugs. Uh, hi. Can you etch my name there? Thanks!

PHILEDELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – I love football! My favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles. So, it would be cool to go see them play a home game in Philly and at the same time  go to Soul Cycle, the Liberty Bell, and eat at Gino’s. There is so much history in Philadelphia that I feel like it could boost my love for America and my knowledge about the country. There are also really amazing museums, boat house row, and Love Park. The Edgar Allan Poe Historic Site, isn’t that every English majors dream? No, just mine? If you have ever been to Philly and had a cheesesteak, tell me, Pat’s or Geno’s? With or without?

CHICAGO – The windy city. Is it actually windy there? Any who, It is so much more industrial than where I live and I would enjoy experiencing something new. I would like to take a picture with the bean at Millennium Park and go to Wrigley Field. I could see the Buckingham fountain, visit Magnificent Mile, go to Navy Pier and go on the architecture river tour. It is such a touristy place that I feel like I could do so much, plus they have a dry bar and a soul cycle! Dry Bar is probably out of the picture now that I basically have a bob, but Soul Cycle! Heck yes. I have always wanted to go!

NASHVILLE – I would love, love, love to visit Nashville. I want to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Ryman, the Parthenon, the Opry House, the State Capitol, and go shopping. There would be so much to do in Music City and I don’t even know where I would begin. I’d go to Bluebird Cafe and the Listening Room, not because they are on the show Nashville, which I love, but because Carly Pearce started there and I love her! I want to see the next big names in Country Music and songs that will probably be released soon. I want to take it all in and enjoy every moment. I would need at least a week in Nashville because I couldn’t take a single thing off of my list of to-dos.

So, there you have it folks, my top 5. I love traveling, but I don’t get to do it often. I will make these trips happen though. I’m so excited about them!

PS what are you doing for Spring Break? Let me know.


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