6 Bands You Have to Check Out

In case you didn’t already know, I love music. I think music can help with a lot of things a bad day, heartbreak, anger, and any sort of situation in which your emotions are heightened. Plus, it’s just a good time. Without further ado, here are six of my favorite bands I think you should definitely check out. I will link to some of my favorite songs by each band. Keep in mind that there are so many more amazing songs by each of them and they are all on Spotify.

  1. The Maine – I obviously have to talk about my favorite band. While they are growing in popularity they are still relatively unknown. They are fantastic! Their music is upbeat and happy while also being mellow and chill. There is so much diversity in their lyrics and their rhythm. Their sound is kind of a rock, pop, thing. I don’t know. I just love them and they are such lovely people. I have had the opportunity to meet them a few times and they are always so caring to their fans, it is a lovely thing to find a band that cares so much about their fans. Here are a few of my favorite songs by them: My HeroineThinking of YouInside of YouSo Criminal.
  2. The Technicolors – So, I discovered this band because of The Maine. I saw them at 8123 Fest and was very interested. I have been enjoying their music ever since (approx. 2 months, haha). They also have a lovely sound; it is a little bit techy and funky with a rock feel. I don’t have much to go on as far as what they are like live except their set at 8123 which I missed half because I remember freaking out that my friend Kait and I were standing next to Kennedy. Here are some chill songs by The Technicolors: Lillies for LillyTonight You Are MineSpace Cadet.
  3. Josh Abbott Band – If you live in Texas and you don’t know who they are what are you doing? Kidding… kinda. Any who, JAB is such a good time live and they have such good vibes in their music. They also have really heartbreaking songs if that is what you’re into. I love JAB and will always be grateful to the old friend who introduced me to them. Here are some lovely songs by Josh Abbott Band: She Will Be Free,Live It While You Got ItHangin’ Around, and Amnesia.
  4. Beach Weather – Okay, so I discovered these guys by listening to The Maine’s Spotify playlist titles “Jared’s favorite 8123 songs” or something along those lines. They are so good! Wow. I have listened to every song by them and I could not imagine not ever listening to them again because I have been digging their sound for months now. I don’t even know what to say about them, but I do know that their lead singer was the lead singer for A Rocket to the Moon (which is another of my favorite bands) so that had me sold. Home MoviesChit ChatSwoon.
  5. Glass Animals – Have you ever seen Magic Mike? Oh, me neither. Any who… if you have seen the second movie, which has a better plot line btw, you have heard a Glass Animals song. IMHO, Gooey is their most popular song. Oh and PSA all of these music videos are a little funky. Black MamboPoolsLife Itself.
  6. Shane Smith and the Saints – Last year while on Spring Break, I went to a JAB concert and these guys opened for them. LOVE is all I can say. They sound so good live and their sound is so unique to anything I had ever heard before. I love their energy, their talent, their sound, their lyrics, so good!!! Also Shane Smith is so nice. I went to buy a shirt at their merch booth and he was selling it. He also took pictures with everyone that came up to the booth and asked for one. He signed all of their shirts too! All I See Is YouDance the Night AwayCocaine HabitThe Mountain.

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