Liv's Log of Life

Oh Livs Chapter One: The One When Olivia Was Trippin’

So, I started this blog with the idea that I would discuss everything. Well, at least everything I want to discuss or simply post about. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to make a section or series specifically for my slip ups because they happen frequently and sometimes they are incredibly disastrous. I want to do this all in good fun of course, no woe me like things, that would be no fun. I have gotten so used to these slip ups that I am not even phased by them anymore. I truly think I could write a book about all the ridiculous things I have done or have happened to me. So, let’s begin with the most recent.

Today is Friday, but this past Tuesday I was basically a scene from a movie. I tripped over  a lifting sidewalk and while I was trying to catch my balance my arms were swinging in circles as if it would help my situation. I’m not a physicists so maybe it does actually help, but I felt ridiculous. Oh, did I mention this happened RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF CAMPUS. If I wasn’t so used to almost falling in front of dozens of people I would have been humiliated. The good part of this is that I did not fall. After a few arm circles I caught my balance and made an “uh-oh” face to the guy sitting on the bench who watch my every move and went about my journey to class.

There were, however, some repercussions. I thought I had broken my toe for the entire day. I walked around for a few more hours with stinging pain every time I stepped and even when I moved my foot. At the very least I thought I had sprained it. I went home as soon as I possibly could and iced it. As I mentioned before I hurt myself a lot so I’m a pro at icing myself. I know the whole 20 minutes on, 40 off saying and I elevated and all of that. It helped a lot. By the time my mom got home two hours later my foot almost seemed normal, until you compared it to the other one then swelling was still pretty noticeable. I tried moving my toes and they moved well, so I figured I would only go to the ER or my doctor if it really hurt the next day.

As of now, everything is fine. I only have a little bruise from the point of impact, which I have names Juanito. All that scare for nothing. At the end of the day my toe has been slightly swollen but it doesn’t hurt so I think it is probably just from the lack of water I drink in comparison to how hot it has been getting. Any how, the most important part is that my toe seems to be unbroken. I hope it stays that way.



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