IMG_6533Ok, so I have been doing this blogging thing for a couple of months now and I figured it was about time to formally introduce myself to my readers (the whole 5 of you, lol). Oh and I am also avoiding doing finals because ew. Don’t be mean to me, I have almost a week to finish them. Any who, I am just stalling at this point. Let’s get into the facts!

  1. I am a school kid. I love school (sometimes) and I feel like that is the one thing I have always been good at, so it stresses me out when I feel like I might not be doing well. Also, going along with that, I hate teachers who don’t use the online grading tool because then I cannot tell if I am doing well!
  2. I think chile is over rated. I live really close to Hatch, New Mexico (aka the famous green chile place – I mean Nikki Phillipi talked about it for a while people come on) and people rave about chile. I am from New Mexico and our state motto is “Red or Green.” I just think it’s on too much and people are obsessed and I don’t love it. I do like chile. People just hype it up too much.
  3. I am anemic. I found out I was anemic when I was twenty (?) by fainting at my gym in the middle of a cycling class. I went to my physician to find out why and then I found out I was anemic. What a time.
  4. I love salsa! I know. I just said I think chile is over rated but salsa!!! I love salsa. Plus it’s totally different.
  5. I am so clumsy. I fall/trip all of the time.
  6. I am a dog person. I do not like cats at all. I think they are gross. Dogs are my stuff; I love dogs. I have a friend who sends me photos of dogs.
  7. I am studying Education in college and it’s so exciting!I want to be a teacher. I think I want to be a high school teacher but I haven’t solidified my age group yet.
  8. I love writing. I know a ton of people hate writing, but I love it.
  9. I don’t like when people leave their turning blinker on.
  10. I don’t like when people don’t turn on their turning blinker. I need them to find the happy middle.
  11. I love cookie. Not just a normal I like cookies and they’re fabulous, but I LOOOOOVVVVEEE cookies. They are my favorite.
  12. I am a really nervous person. I over think everything and it isn’t like a “normal” thing. The the thoughts overwhelm me and I seriously have to watch TV or do homework to get them to stop and sometimes it doesn’t work.
  13. I don’t drink soda. I think its too sweet and syrup-y and gross. I don’t like it.
  14. I enjoy the Disney show for children “Liv and Maddie.” I think it is ridiculous and for whatever reason I like it. I binge watched the fourth season in one day when it came out on Netflix.
  15. I can’t binge watch shows on Netflix. I am just really bad at it. I get bored with watching the same thing over and over and so half my shows are in the middle of a season and probably won’t get finished (i.e. Jane the Virgin, Once Upon a Time, Reign, The Crown, Girl Boss, How I Met Your Mother, and many many many more)
  16. I don’t know how to ride a bike. I used to but not anymore.
  17. I love tea but only when I make it. I can’t have anyone else prepare my tea or I won’t drink it.
  18. Dani Austin inspired me to start my blog.
  19. Music is a huge part of my life. I love many genres and artists. I listen to music more than I watch tv.
  20. I am terrified of roller coasters. All caps, TERRIFIED! Seeing them on TV even makes me nervous.

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