Liv's Log of Life

OhLivs Chapter Three: The One With the Party and the Phone Calls

I had never been to a house party before when one day my friend Kelsey took me to one. She was in town from Lubbock, where she goes to school, and she invited me to a party. I went because I have known the gal for years and figured it would be fun. It was and I didn’t even drink because I was driving home afterwards.

When I got home I told my mom that I was back and she mumbled something along the lines of “ok.” I thought I was good to go and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to a phone call from her. I was really confused. I saw that I had a few missed calls and texts from her so I answered. She was yelling at me on the other side: “Where are you?!” I told her I was in bed and she asked whose bed. Mine, of course! She didn’t believe me so I hung up and yelled at her from across the hall. She was confused and just said “oh, ok.” As I was falling back asleep she came over to my room and was silently crying. She thanked me for being a good kid and coming home.

The next day I told her that I had said I was home and that she replied to me. To this day she still doesn’t remember that, but it is one of our favorite stories to tell. It is hilarious and people really enjoy it. I hope you all enjoyed it too. Maybe it gave you a little laugh.

Big thanks to my friend DeAna who told me I should tell this story on my blog.


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