Pack With Me: Weekend Concert Trip

If you have read my 5 Albums I Am Stoked About post you would know that this weekend I am headed to see Lady Antebellum, Kelsea Ballerini, and Brett Young. This is a Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday trip. So, I packed for two days just incase. Here is a detailed list of what I packed.

First things first, I love to pick out outfits to wear. I always think of a trip as a time to try out cute new outfits. This makes me overpack most of the time. This time I challenged myself to not overpack and try to keep my stuff in a medium sized tote bag.This bag is from Kavu and is a yoga bag. As you can see it has the straps on the front for a yoga mat. I just decided to ignore these, but if you are someone who likes to bring their own blanket, you can fold it and secure it with the straps to make it easy to take with you. IMG_6968

When choosing my outfits I knew that I wanted something compact and comfortable but also cute. I want to do a mini-vacay blog post so I wanted cute outfits to take photos in. I chose these two outfits because they are cute, comfortable, and I wouldn’t mind having photos in them. The first outfit features a T-shirt from The Maine (old) and a high waisted jean skirt from American Eagle. For shoes I went for a canvas slip on sneaker from Roxy (old). In the second outfit I am wearing cloth shorts from American Eagle (old), an Organ Mountain Outfitters tee, and Lauren Sandals from Jack Rogers. I love both of these because they are so comfy and pretty cute if I do say so myself.



I also need to pack toiletries because I don’t typically love the ones provided at hotels. I keep a little bag packed of my toiletries because I use it often. Here is a look inside. I keep body wash, shampoo, conditioner, two face wash options, facial moisturizer, contact solution, Triple Sec by DryBar, deodorant, perfume, and toothpaste. It’s crazy to think that almost all of it fits into a tiny bag. I put each of these items in the bag except the DO and Triple Sec. I put the deodorant and Triple Sec in one of the side pockets inside the bag for easy access to good smells and voluminous hair.

I stuck my flat iron in the other side pocket and put everything inside. I packed undergarments and a swimsuit incase I decide to pop in the pool. It was a perfect fit. I actually did it! I was really shocked that this all ended up fitting in my bag. All I have to do is put my makeup bag on top and put my toothbrush in there and I’m ready to head out. I am really impressed with myself.


PS last minute I stuck a pair of jeans in this bag and it all still fits!

Check out my Instagram (@ohlivsblog) for photos of the outfits I will be wearing, concert footage, and other fun stuff!



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