Faith Journey 3: The Struggle Bus is Real

I haven’t written a faith-based post in about two months. The reason is that I don’t really know where I stand. What I mean is I still believe in God but I don’t know where He is. I have been stuck here for a while. I used to feel God when I would talk to Him but for the past few months, I haven’t. I have prayed and there is nothing. I don’t know if it is because I don’t really need Him right now: life is going well and I feel really blessed. I don’t have anything I want or need or even any questions. Yet, I still feel like He is missing.

I watch a lot of Criminal Minds and maybe that is why I feel like I am trying to “profile” Him. To see where He is and why I can’t feel Him. I don’t have any negative feelings or feelings of doubt towards the Lord or my faith, but it would be nice to feel something. I understand that it is all God’s timing and what He wants, but my gracious does it make things hard.

I have a friend who has been struggling and I feel like if I can’t feel God when I talk to Him, I am letting her down. It’s like I am praying to someone who doesn’t care to listen and it’s a waste of time. I know these feelings aren’t true but how am I supposed to help someone through prayer if the person I am praying to isn’t there?

I am just stuck in this loop of feeling grateful and blessed but also feeling lost and confused. I don’t think any of this post makes sense, but where I am in my Faith Journey doesn’t make sense to me either.

I am sorry this post is all over the place but I feel like if someone out there runs into it, by the Grace of God, maybe it will make sense to them.


Thanks for reading this post.

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