Liv's Log of Life

Chapter Four: The One About Tattoos

Yep. You read that right. I have tattoos. As a Catholic I have been told that I shouldn’t have tattoos because I am “ruining” the body God gifted me, but I think that if my tattoos mean something loving and positive to me then it shouldn’t really be that horrible. At least that’s what I tell myself and honestly I believe it. Today I decided to share the story of each of my tattoos and what they mean to me.

The first tattoo that I got was when I was eighteen. I had been thinking of this idea in my head for years. I remember telling my mom that I was going to get it when I was probably fifteen. It is a tiny cross in the back crook of my ankle. I don’t think this is the most original tattoo idea, but I do really like it. Aside from it being my first tattoo it is also a small reminder that I always have Christ.

My second tattoo I got less than six months later, I think. I honestly don’t even remember. My mom and I had decided we were going to get matching tattoos. We found this particular one online and decided to go for it. The symbol is “I love you” in sign and the middle/palm of the hand is a heart. We think it is really cute. I got it on the back of my neck and my mom between her shoulder blades. It took two minutes to finish, if that tells you how tiny it is. Honestly, I love it but I forget I have it a lot of the time because it is in a place that I can never see it.

The third tattoo I got was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I got the famous “M” logo that a ton of The Maine fans have. When I got it my mom was not happy. She thought that it was a crazy idea because the band was only a phase I was going through. Luckily, I proved her wrong. I have been a fan of them for years and will be for the rest of forever. I don’t regret my tattoo, not one bit. It has a story for me.

The fourth and most recent tattoo I got in January of this year. I got it with my friend Kaitlin. People say we are crazy because we might not be friends forever, which could be possible, but I don’t think that will happen. If we drift apart in five years and never speak again, I don’t think it would be on bad terms so this tattoo would still bring about those positive feelings I have about her as a human being and as a friend. We also got it after the first 8123 Fest hosted by The Maine, which is a fun memory attached to this little guy too. This tattoo is such fun it has so many tiny meanings rolled into one teeny tattoo. I mean teeny. It took like less than a full minute to throw this little guy onto this ankle of mine. It is K,O in braille on the inside of my right ankle. The only bad part is, now my ankles are all used up. It was worth it though.

There you have it folks. The story of my tattoos. Some of them are sentimental and some are full of fun, but they all have a lot of meaning for me and I am already planning my next tattoo. Yep, five. (Sorry, mom.)


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