6 Things I Want To Do For Myself This Summer

This Summer has been a whirl wind so far. I have been out of school for about five or six weeks (I don’t remember my last day of school so this is a guess) and I have not taken any time for myself. That sounds crazy to me considering I only started the summer portion of my job last week. It’s true though. I haven’t taken time to better myself and ease my mind. I decided today at work that since I wasn’t doing anything I should make a list of what I want to do for myself this summer.

Quilt – This past winter I discovered my love for quilting. It has given me peace. I feel so at ease when I am sitting at a sewing machine creating designs on a sandwich of fabric. I feel so happy when I find a new design to try out or when I find an adorable jelly roll to use for my next project. I have only made three full quilts but the board I have curated on Pinterest is giving me major heart eyes. My goal this summer is to take time to make one quilt. I have already finished two since school has ended but they weren’t for me. I want to make a quilt for me because I deserve it. I deserve to do something that makes me happy, for me. Everyone does. That includes you!

Read – Why would I want to read when I am taking a summer English class and four English courses in the Fall? Because it is something that I enjoy. It is like going somewhere far off without having to leave my house. I also feel like reading helps me expand my vocabulary, which is really nice for someone who wants to be an English teacher one day. I have decided I want to read at least 20 minutes a day. I will be reading a ton once my summer course starts but that reading is not going to count towards my fun, light, and probably YA Contemporary reading.

Walk Ellie – I have a chunky little shih tzu/ poodle named Ellie and she needs to be walked. Not because I am mean and think she is fat (the vet says she is though) but because she is super energetic and a 15-20 minute walk might do her some good. This really isn’t only for her though. I want to spend more time away from my phone and in nature and going for a little evening walk with my pup might be an easy way to incorporate this into my life.

Keep Things Organized – When things in my life are really messy I get overwhelmed and stressed out. I want to make sure my room, my purse, my backpack, my life, and all other things that could get crazy are organized. That doesn’t mean I can’t go off the grid and do something spontaneous but when I can, I need to make sure things will be organized to keep me from having a meltdown.

 Blog – Blogging (along with quilting) has given me a creative outlet that I don’t feel like I can fail at. I feel excited to write a new blog post, whether one person will read it or one hundred (hasn’t happened, but it would be cool). I like that I can write about what makes me happy and what interests me. For these reasons I want to write two blog posts a week until school starts. I want to challenge myself to think of fun topics and crazy stories to write about.

Focus on my personal happiness – I feel like I have heard someone say this in a cheesy, adorable Hallmark movie but focusing on personal happiness should be a top priority for every single person. I haven’t been sad or down lately but I haven’t exactly been the happy-go-lucky person that I enjoy being. I have been content lately and while that is not a bad thing, I want to focus on things that make me feel happy and excited to live life and do those things more often as opposed to just go with the flow. I want to better myself in every way possible and for me that starts with being genuinely happy.





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