Liv's Log of Life

Chapter 5: The One Where I Keep Catching the Bouquet

This past September my cousin got married. You know the tradition where the Bride throws the bouquet and one of many unmarried ladies catches it. Yeah, I was that lady.

My cousin’s new wife threw the bouquet and I jumped and caught it. Simple as that. What isn’t simple is that I closed my eyes and someone started grabbing at the bouquet. I was pulling and pulling to get it back because I caught it so I wanted it. When I opened my eyes a little girl was the one fighting me for this thing. She had a death grip on the flowers and was not letting go. I decided fairly quickly that I was just going to let her have them. After all, she was just a kid.

Later I found out that the little girl took the bouquet back to her table and started tearing it apart. I mean totally apart. The petals were in shreds and the stems were in tiny chunks. I was so annoyed. I let this little girl have the bouquet and then she just trashed it.

I have this theory that since she ruined my chances to get married next, I will probably never get married. If I believed in the whole tale then I would probably believe that theory. Thank goodness I don’t.

The second time I caught the bouquet was in the past few months. My childhood friend got married and I was at her wedding. I love weddings so I was super hyper and giddy the whole night. When it came time for the bouquet toss I was jazzed and determined. I wanted to catch that bouquet and this time I wouldn’t let a child steal it from me. I was excited. Probably a little too excited. Nonetheless I caught the bouquet and didn’t let a little girl steal it from me.

The boy who caught the bouquet was the grooms little brother and couldn’t have been older than 12. It was fine I taught the kid how to dance (a little) and it was pleasant. Still haven’t found my “Mr. Right” but you never know maybe next time.    😉




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