7 Fashion Blogs I Have Been Loving!

I never really read blogs before I started this little adventure (my blog) in February. Since then I have been discovering blogs left and right. Most of the ones I love are fashion blogs. I like to pretend I will dress as cute as they do (I don’t, I am a t shirt and jeans girl all the way!) Nonetheless I love seeing the outfits they put together. I can admire how much time it takes to curate content for them since they always have multiple photos to include of each outfit they choose to wear. Any who, I love them.

DANI AUSTIN – Dani is probably the first person I ever knew of as being a blogger. I have followed her since she used to appear frequently on her brother’s YouTube channel (he is so talented check him out!) but I never really checked out her blog. I have followed her on Instagram for a long time and always love the outfits she seems to throw together so flawlessly. Once I started trying my hand at the blogosphere, Dani’s is the first URL I typed into the search box. I love her energy and her variety. No matter what she is doing on her blog, YouTube, or Instagram I am always there and excited to take part because she is so genuine with her followers. I like that she does Instagram story hauls and shares bits of her everyday life.

LEMON STRIPES (Julia Dzafic) – A while before I started blogging I saw a photo of Julia on the Jack Rogers Instagram page. I instantly fell in love with her preppy and classic style. When I was scrolling through Instagram after starting my blog I realized that I could check her blog out too. I love the lifestyle posts she includes and all of her fashion posts too! It is a little bit harder to relate to her since she is expecting a baby girl any day now (congratulations to her and her hubs) but everything else is spot on for me!

BRIGHTON KELLER  – Through my love for Dani Austin, I found Brighton. They are roommates and very similar in that they exude positivity but they bring very different takes of every look to the table. I enjoy her honesty in her posts and her stories on Instagram. I appreciate the content she creates and that she doesn’t only work with high-end brands (i.e. Marks and Spencer). Her clothing choices inspire me to be a fashionable teacher in the near future.

GAL MEETS GLAM (Julia Engle) – I want to be her! Ok, not really. I like who I am but I feel like Julia is always traveling and I envy her for it. She is the classy dresser I aspire to be someday. She also wears the cutest pink Lauren sandals from JR, it is the little cherry on top. She and her hubs are also the sweetest looking couple and he is an amazing photographer. At the very least you need to check out her Instagram the photos are stunning every time!

LIVVY LAND – Aside from us having the same name, I can relate to Olivia the most. Her wardrobe is most similar to mine, which makes me do a little happy dance. I don’t even know how to explain what I like about Olivia. I like her aesthetic. I appreciate her love for rosé and good music. I feel like she is the most relatable in the best way.

THE STRIPE (Grace Atwood) – This girl just makes me happy. I don’t know how or why and I don’t care. I just like her. I feel like she exudes happiness and calm. I really like her!  I cannot even explain this one. I love everything she posts on her blog and social media. It is all just so great.

CARRIEBRADSHAWLIED (Kathleen) – CBL is easily one of my favorite. She inspires me to wear whatever I want even if it isn’t my style. Kathleen can be caught wearing clothing all over the board: business-y looks, girly looks, even sometimes a little funky, and best of all casual and simple looks. I love the diversity she brings. It is so fun to keep up with her on IG stories too!

These are my current favorite fashion bloggers. They are all so much fun to keep up with in the blog world and on Instagram. If you want to keep up with me on Instagram feel free to follow me (@ohlivsblog). Make sure to check out my stories too – I’m “better” at those. 

Thanks for reading everyone!



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