How To: Make a Bad Day Better

Today was a bad day to say the least. I ran around town trying to find books for a class that starts today, I paid way too much money for that class just minutes before, and some woman at the bookstore yelled at me. Oh, and I still didn’t find those books. Along with that I found out my class has just been cancelled and I need to take two more classes than I thought before graduating. Plus it is almost time for a visit from Mother Nature (sorry, but it’s a natural part of life). All that and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, which unfortunately makes the day start kinda sucky.

If that sounds overwhelming try living it. I know there are people out there that have it way worse and that I should be grateful for the life I get to live. Don’t get me wrong I am so appreciative of my education and the ability to take summer courses and my bed and literally everything else, but I will not feel guilty for having a bad day. They are a part of living and nobody should ever have to feel guilty for how they are feeling. I will, however, try my very best to make it better and you should too. Here’s how:

  1. Dress Up: I dress up a little bit to make myself feel pretty. This is kind of a silly one, but if I wear a dress then I don’t feel like as much of a frump, which makes me less grumpy just slightly. I don’t always wear a dress, sometimes I wear cute shoes or new accessories, whatever I have been wanting to wear, I will throw it on, even if that means a new pair of running shorts.  (No,I don’t run.)
  2. Treat Yourself: I love getting coffee and on a bad day, I make it a priority. Not only will it give me some caffeine but it makes me feel just a little bit fancier. I know it’s just coffee but the little things help. Whatever your little treat is, go for it. If you need some ideas: cookies, milkshakes, ice cream, sonic drinks (I love the little ice), maybe even something as simple as a sandwich.
  3. Do Something That Makes You Happy: Today, I decided to throw myself into a book. These posts make it seem like I read a lot more than I do. I enjoy reading and can get pretty invested in the worlds. Some days I have a little dance party with one of my favorite vinyls. I like the rustic, scratchy sound of vinyls and blasting one throughout my home makes things a little easier to deal with. Other days I plan. A lot of times, we cannot control our bad days. If I plan, it reminds me of all the things I do have control over and I can relax a little. (JUST A LITTLE)
  4. Music: If you know me (or even if you don’t) you would probably know that I love music. I mean a whole section of this blog is dedicated to musical things. Like I mentioned above, I will sometimes have a dance party. I will ALWAYS listen to Christian music in my car. I have Of Dirt and Grace on CD and usually pop that in to my stereo and turn the volume down just a little. I like it to be soft and subtle because it won’t overwhelm me but I can still hear it.
  5. Go to the Gym: This is a weird one but I try to stick to it. As Elle Woods would say, “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy,” well you know the rest and that doesn’t apply right now. I also like to think it just gets the sour puss mood right out of me. It doesn’t always but again, it helps. All of these things do.
  6. Get Out: Do it! Get out! Getting out of the house makes it less likely you’ll sad drink. A glass of wine is never a bad idea but if you’re sad it usually is. Even if you aren’t a sad drinker you might just want to slump into the corner of the sofa so just get out of the house. Go get your treat. Take your book with you. Take your laptop to the cafe and watch some YouTube videos (David Dobrik is a funny dude). Go hang out with friends. I feel like a hypocrite on this one because my friend invited me to coffee and I said no. I am not quite ready and that’s ok. Take a minute to let yourself wallow and then move on.
  7. Don’t Do It: Don’t go to bed thinking that tomorrow will be just as bad. Don’t make yourself believe all the things you might be telling yourself when you’re sad. Don’t take your anger out on someone because you can’t take the things you might say back. Don’t take for granted the people that love and care for you because even when you’re cranky or sad, they still do. Just don’t give in to the idea that it can’t get fixed or it won’t get better because it will, you just have to give it a chance and being negative about a bad day and how it affects tomorrow is not giving anything a chance, especially not the happiness that could come tomorrow.

Bad days happen, don’t let them ruin you. I cannot promise that the things I’ve mentioned will turn your day around but they will likely make the mood a little easier to handle. If you try out these tips leave me a comment and tell me if they worked for you. Most of all please remember that you are beautiful and loved. Things will look up.

Joy comes in the morning.


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