Liv's Log of Life

Chapter 6: How I Turned Into An Old Woman (My Quilting Story)

I have always had a creative side. I think of these exciting and beautiful designs in my head but the only problem is that I cannot ever find a way to put them on paper or recreate them in real life. My creativity has always been solely in my head because I have never been an “artist” of any sort.

The summer before college started I had nothing to do so I decided to clean out my drawers and closet. I had so many t-shirts from concerts or marching band (I was a band geek in high school) that I wanted to keep because they are important to my story. I had no idea what to do with them so I folded them and stuck them in a bag for safe keeping until I figured it out. I was thinking about making a t-shirt quilt but had no idea where to start. Last December, I finally decided to make use of technology and figure it out. Once I realized that most quilters don’t even attempt to make t-shirt quilts because of the time, effort, and difficulty I decided I should at least try to make a quilt first.

When I started it was just a project to keep me busy and to see if I needed to send my t-shirts away to be quilted or if I wanted to /could do it myself. I learned that I could absolutely do it myself (I haven’t yet, but I am working on it) and something about quilting calmed me. I felt less stressed and a whole lot happier. It might have something to do with the fact that I could be creative without having to be skillful at drawing or writing or anything else that little ol’ me thought I needed to be to unleash my creativity. I like that I can choose any fabric to fit a certain design and if I am ambitious enough, one day, I could create my own designs.

Once I finally finished, school had started. I knew that I would be too busy with school to start another one. Instead of getting excited about my resort vacay for Spring Break, I got excited about making another quilt. Don’t get me wrong, both were exciting but I had been looking at quilting videos for months to try to decide which pattern was next, then did it. Right after classes let out for the summer, I spent the first few days finding patterns and narrowing down fabrics. My third quilt was complete.

Something about cutting, stitching, and starching makes my heart beat faster with excitement and joy. During my third quilt I realized that this was my happy place. I wasn’t even looking for it and I found it. That is something I will forever be grateful for. It helps take my mind off of things. I can blast some 8123 bands and be good to go for hours. It is kind of obsessive, but like in a totally sane way.

I know my love for quilting makes me sound like an eighty year old woman and really, I couldn’t care less. It makes me happy and doing that weird, silly thing makes me happier than most anything else. I have found solace in a place I would have never thought to look, it is a true blessing.

I am so grateful for my friends and family who have encouraged me to keep making quilts and have given me a big head by complementing my creations. Thank you so much for your love and support, it truly means a lot.

If you are thinking about trying out something new that you think might be strange, go for it. It may make your whole life a ton better, maybe it won’t, but you won’t know unless you give it a go.

Good luck!


Some fun Quilt-ish facts about me:

favorite quilter: Angela Walters (quilting is my therapy)

goal: to make so many quilts that I have to have a tub of them stored in my closet & to make all of my friends and family a quilt – the ones who want one

favorite color scheme: I am a sucker for anything purple-y or multi-colored

will I make that t-shirt quilt: sure will, I am already looking into which fusible is best!


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