Liv's Log of Life

Oh Livs: Life Update

Life has gotten crazy. Let’s talk about it.

The weather here has been lovely. I have always loved rain and snow, probably because it doesn’t happen here often, and it has been raining a ton lately! I think this is the most it has rained during any monsoon season in my whole life. I am loving it. In fact, it just rained.

My retreat team meetings have begun again. I am so happy. I love my friends on the team and miss them when we take breaks. We had a meeting last night and something super sketchy happened. There was this set of girls who ran out from the front church doors as we were leaving from the side doors and it was so weird. I think that we scared them. We don’t know what they were doing or what they were going to do/how long they were there. It was weird.

People are starting to take notice of this hobby of mine. I am not sure how I feel about it… Actually, I am really self conscious about it. I feel nervous. A woman I used to babysit for follows me on Instagram now and so does one of my cousins. It is strange. Nonetheless, I did this for me and I am still really liking blogging. I keep having to remind myself that I am doing this for myself and nobody else. It is hard to remember sometimes though.

Also, my faith is being restored. If you have read any of my recent “Faith” posts, you would know that I have been struggling. Recently, I have found something in my heart that refuses to let me feel that way anymore. We shall see where this goes but I am determined to stay faithful and find my way back to God.

I have a few more back to school blog posts coming. If any of you have any suggestions or questions you would like me to answer leave me a comment. I would really appreciate if they were more college related questions because I feel like I don’t even remember high school at this point.

If my calculations are correct, my birthday is in 50 days. Wow! It feels like it hasn’t even been that long since I turned 21. Life as a 21 year old has been basically the same. The biggest difference is that I have discovered a love for wine and Moscow mules. Love ’em. I am thinking about doing a 21 things I have learned at 21 post, but I am still working on the 21 things. I want them to be quality things that I have learned.

Anyways, life is a crazy ride, but that is what’s going on in my life.



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