How To: Make a Bad Day Better

Today was a bad day to say the least. I ran around town trying to find books for a class that starts today, I paid way too much money for that class just minutes before, and some woman at the bookstore yelled at me. Oh, and I still didn't find those books. Along with that... Continue Reading →

My Faith Journey (part 2)

This story is a continuation of My Faith Journey (part 1) so if you haven't read that post click on the link to go read that first. PSA Happy Good Friday to all my Catholics out there! Since the infamous event that happened in the last story, I have been super involved in my church. I have... Continue Reading →

My Faith Journey (part 1)

I'm back! Last week I was wrestling with sickness. Nothing major, just a cold turned into a sinus infection. I still have the nasty cough and I have had it all weekend. Still, somehow I decided to go to a retreat. I am apart of a retreat team based out of my church and honestly... Continue Reading →

You Are Good Enough

I've realized in my old age, kidding I'm 21, that it is not okay to feel not good enough. At the same time I've realized it's also inevitable. It's inevitable because as human beings we are social creatures who want to be loved and accepted, some of us, by everyone. It's not okay because you... Continue Reading →

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