5 College Backpack Essentials

Packing my backpack is my favorite part of back to school. I love organizing it and making sure I have bright colored school supplies. The bright colors make me happy and excited to use them throughout the semester. I keep things like pens, pencils, notebooks, and Kleenex in my backpack, but I also keep some... Continue Reading →

Pack With Me: Weekend Concert Trip

If you have read my 5 Albums I Am Stoked About post you would know that this weekend I am headed to see Lady Antebellum, Kelsea Ballerini, and Brett Young. This is a Thursday, Friday and possibly Saturday trip. So, I packed for two days just incase. Here is a detailed list of what I packed. First... Continue Reading →

How to: Yummy 5 Layer Dip

Now that finals are over I can dedicate a lot more time to this lovely blog. I wanted to share a recipe for a yummy dip that I love to make for potlucks.  I made this for one of my finals since we were encouraged to bring snacks.  Note: This five layer bean dip can... Continue Reading →

New Layout and Deleted Posts?

I got a new layout! Let me explain.. When I started this blog I had in mind that I wanted to make it for me. I wanted to tell funny stories and create sort of an online memory bank. I thought it could even inspire other people to do the same thing. That's not what... Continue Reading →


Ok, so I have been doing this blogging thing for a couple of months now and I figured it was about time to formally introduce myself to my readers (the whole 5 of you, lol). Oh and I am also avoiding doing finals because ew. Don't be mean to me, I have almost a week... Continue Reading →

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